Feb. 18th, 2004

On cue

Feb. 18th, 2004 02:42 pm
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Only because Doc Samson recommended I keep a regular journal, I thought I'd reflect on past events (and what an event!) for my own benefit. Comments I make are for my personal disgression and thoughts, so please don't take offense because this saves me from yelling directly at people, to yelling at my inner-thoughts.

This Love Potion business got me thinking how scary it must be to be in Jamie's position. My world would crumble if I walked in on Warren with someone else. Girl /or/ guy. I know I don't express it enough, but I care for Warren so much and would hate for that to turn sour.

For the girls (and Bobby) it must have been terrible to manipulated like that. It was obviously a horrible mistake and I'm in no place to point fingers. An interesting aspect that no one has brought up is that if Amanda gave the potion to Doug and Doug put it away, then how'd it reach those specific people? Someone must be the puppeteer here and they should be getting punished as well.

Lastly, something that really got me furious (but I kept it inside and didn't make a comment) was that Jamie called Amanda a 'twisted bitch' and everyone brushed it off. Sure Sarah and maybe one other person made a comment in her defense, but I consider /twisted bitch/ to be much more insulting and hurting that my comment and HALF THE SCHOOL attacked me right back. Makes me wonder what I did wrong. Were my feelings okay to be hurt? I hate this. I hate having to ask myself questions like that, but it's hard when a similar occurance happens and the results vary so much. Why didn't everyone explode at Jamie?

This is all too ridiculous.


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